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Our Mission

This generation of children will be the leaders of tomorrow. Imagine a world filled with peace and harmony, where people see each other through love and not for their differences. If we provide our children with tools such as meditation, we may not have to imagine that world; they will create it.

ZenPalz Rosie the unicorn and Jasper the fox, accompany children on their journey of learning

Mindfulness Through Meditation + Imagination. Having a loving pal with you makes it all that more special!


Our mission is not only to provide children with a loving plush friend but to create a space for mindfulness and meditation teachers from all over the world to post a meditation, mindful tip, craft, recipe, bedtime story, or any other tool that will help children expand their consciousness and gain a sense of empowerment. By creating a marketplace for these instructors and teachers, we provide parents and school teachers the resources they need to assist children in incorporating mindfulness into their everyday life. This is the space where ZenPalz Rosie and Jasper live. We want to welcome you to Zenpippity! 

Thank you for joining us on our mission to spread love throughout the world!


Elsa's Garden

Arts & Crafts

Mindful Snacks with Jasper

Mindfulness + Meditation

Bedtime Stories with Rosie

Things you can do in Zendippity!

We'd Love to Hear From You

If you teach children meditation, mindful art, yoga, write children's books based around mindfulness, offer teacher workshops on mindfulness in the classroom, or incorporate mindfulness into your therapy practice, contact us at We would love to hear from you and possibly feature you on our site!

Children in Yoga Class
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