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Rose Quartz Crystal

These special crystals can be found all throughout Zendippity! Rose Quartz crystal is a gentle stone that works with  your heart. It promotes unconditional love  and compassion. This special crystal activates your superpowers that help spread love and happiness.  


**Rose Quart can also be found in Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa,United States, (including South Dakota, California, Maine) NamibiaIndia, Sri Lanka, Russia and China. These locations represent some of the primary sources of rose quartz crystals, but it's important to note that rose quartz can also be found in smaller quantities in other regions around the world.**

Rose Quartz Crystal

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A beautiful pink crystal with gentle, loving energy that will activiate superpowers to assist you when you are sad or upset with yourself or someone else.  Rose quartz will help you feel happy + loved.   

Each crystal is 2 X 2, 1/4 of an inch.  Each crystal is hand crafted.  Our gemstones are handled with love and cut from 100% natural stone.  There will be variances in color.  These stones are made from mother nature and no two stones are alike.  

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