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Red Jasper Crystal

These special crystals can be found in the magical caves in Zendippity and sent straight to you! ! Red Jasper Crystals allow you to activate your superpowers  of determination and perseverance.  When you lack motivation Red Jasper will assist you in accomplishing whatever you set your mind to.  When you want to be brave but need a little help, hold your Red Jasper crystal in both hands and let it's magic remind you  how brave you are!



*** Red jasper is also found in many parts of the world including Brazil, India, Russia, United States., Australia, Madagascar, and Indonesia. ;) ***

Red Jasper Crystal

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Red Jasper is a stone of courage and empowerment. It can help motivate us to turn our ideas into reality. Anytime a child may feel nervous or need a boost in their confidence, Red Jasper is a fantastic assistant!

Each crystal is approximately 2 x 2 by 1/2 . Our gemstones are hand crafted and handled with love.  They are cut from 100% natural stone.  Please be aware there are variances in color.  These stones are made by mother nature and no two are the same. 

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