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Jasper the Fox

Jasper the Fox wants to remind every child how amazing they are. Through guided meditation + mindful activities, children will gain the tools they need when facing real-life stress and anxiety issues.

Once you hug this furry fox, you will feel the love he wants to spread throughout the world.


Jasper comes meditation-ready wearing an eye mask and a Red Jasper crystal in his secret pocket. 

Jasper the Fox

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    • Product includes: Jasper the Fox, Jasper's meditation mask, a red jasper crystal in his secret pocket, and a child-sized fox meditation mask
    • Jasper is composed of soft, huggable, plush material with four magnetic paws making it easy to sit with legs crossed and also the ability to place a hand on his heart space.
    • There are four magnets contained in his hands and feet allowing for various positions. 


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