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Freya The Monkey

Expert On All Things To Calm The Mind

Freya The Monkey

About Freya

Favorite Foods: Yogurt With Honey, Cream-Cheese and Jelly Sandwich, and Cherry Pie

Favorite Activities: Playing a Handpan, Softball and Meditation

Favorite Ways to Chill Out: Knitting and Breathwork With Friends

Freya understands that when kids learn to quiet their racing thoughts, it can really help them deal with anxiety and stress. Managing these feelings becomes easier when they can calm their "Monkey Mind."

Another big benefit is that it helps them to focus better. When kids can calm their busy minds, they're able to pay attention more in school, finish tasks, and enjoy activities without getting distracted.

Freya teaches kids how to connect with this calm state through meditation, breathing techniques, and music.

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