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Jasper The Fox

Expert on Gratitude

Jasper The Fox

Favorite Foods: Blueberries, Carrots and Cotton Candy

Favorite Activities: Snowboarding, Dancing and Meditation

Favorite Ways to Chill Out: Writing In His Gratitude Journal and Going On Walks in the Forest With His Friends

Meet Jasper, the kind and curious fox with a passion for connection and exploration. What sets him apart is his profound belief in the magic of gratitude. Jasper is convinced that by practicing gratitude and staying present in each moment, one can discover joy and peace in every aspect of life.

Start your day with Jasper, and you'll find him jotting down in his gratitude journal a positive affirmation that will set the stage for his day. Each night he reflects on three things he's grateful for, the warmth of the sun on his fur, the fresh air he breathes, his comfy bed. . . there are so many things to be grateful for!

On a mission to share the wonders of gratitude, Jasper extends his paw to children worldwide. Through his teachings and practices, he aims to help them unlock the magic of gratitude and discover joy in the little moments that make life extraordinary. Join Jasper on this journey, and let the magic of gratitude transform your world!

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